How do we summarize Baltimore IT company Hill Tech Solutions?

Well, we’re big enough to get the job done right but small enough to care about you and your business. That’s who we are.

Ron Hill worked in the IT industry for ten years before starting Hill Tech Solutions in 2015. His skills were so respected that when he started Hill Tech Solutions, his former two employers became some of his first clients!</p >

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    What makes Ron the leader and expert IT consultant he is today?

    Well, he worked in the trades as an electrician for about ten years before taking up IT support as a profession, and Ron has been coaching youth soccer and football for more than ten years now.

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    Ron’s wife, Melissa Hill, joined the team in August of 2015 as the Office Administrator. She takes care of all the non-technical things, such as HR, payroll, accounting, billing, & invoicing.

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