A company is only as strong as the people it hires, the customers it attracts, and the partnerships it forms.

Hill Tech Solutions is proud to have partnered with the leading vendors in the market to bring you the very best products and services available.

We’ve done our homework!

We have carefully chosen the following vendors to assist in the IT support of our valued customers.

Dell Computer Repair in Baltimore
Dell Computer Support in Baltimore


Developer and distributor of computers and computer-related products

Sonicwall Consulting in Baltimore MD
Sonicwall Consulting Services


Leading designer of products for content control and network security

Lenovo Computer Repair in Baltimore
Lenovo Computer Support in Baltimore


Designer, developer, and manufacturer of hardware and software solutions

Microsoft Office Consulting in Balitmore
Microsoft Office 365 Migrations in Baltimore


Multinational tech giant involved in all aspects of personal computing

Webroot Consulting Baltimore
Baltimore Webroot Consulting


Top provider of internet security solutions for business

Security Consulting in Baltimore
Baltimore Security Consulting


A top tier telecommunications expertproficient in modern telephony systems and procurement of equipment

Software Consulting Baltimore
Software as a service Baltimore


Designer, manager, and purveyor of software solutions for business


Leader in online backup, disaster avoidance and recovery strategies


Vendor of simple security and storage solutions for IT needs



VMware provides cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services.

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